Multi function surgical power tool – System 4200

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Attachments for your selection:
BJ4201     Sagittal saw.
BJ4202     Bone drill.
BJ4202SAO   AO drill.
BJ4203B   Dual function canulate drill.
BJ4203D   Dual function canulate drill.
BJ4207B    Dual function acetabulum reaming drill.
BJ4207D    Dual function acetabulum reaming drill.
BJ4209      Reciprocating saw.
BJ4213      Wire drill.


Electric Handpiece:  BJ4200
  Electric:  Yes
  Multifunctional:  Yes
  Weight (with battery):  ≤1000 Grams
  Speed:  /
  Power source:  Mains and Battery
  Sterilizable:  Autoclavable
  Battery:  BJ4001
  Technology:  Ni-Mh
  Insert/detachment method:  The telescopic
  The blocking mechanism:  Yes
  Autoclavable Aseptic Transfer Kit:  Yes
  Battery Charger:  BJ1002-4
  Simultaneously charged batteries:  4
  Battery charge status:  Indicator light
  Electric Power Supply:  BJ4006+ BJ4007+BJ4008+BJ4009
  Handpiece main power cord:  2 pcs
  Sterilizable method:  Autoclavable
  Handpiece main power cord length:  3500mm – 5000mm
  Oscillating Attachment:  BJ4201
  Sterilizable method:  Autoclavable
  Saw frequency:  16000 times/minute
  Reciprocating Attachment:  BJ4209
  Sterilizable method:  Autoclavable
  Saw frequency:  15000 times/minute
  Reaming Attachment:  BJ4207B/4207D
  Sterilizable method:  Autoclavable
  Speed:  0-350 rpm
  Adjustable speed:  Yes
  Output power (to 250 rpm):  7.8 Nm
  Drilling Attachment:  BJ4203B/4203D
  Sterilizable method:  Autoclavable
 Speed:  0-1000 rpm
  Output power (to 1000 rpm):  5 Nm
  Drilling Attachment:  BJ4202/4202SAO
  Sterilizable method:  Autoclavable
  Speed:  0-1100 rpm
  Output power (to 1100 rpm):  3.2 Nm
  K-Wire drill Attachment:  BJ4213
  K-wire drill attachment:  A (0.8-2.0 mm) /B (2.0-3.0 mm)

1.Excellent torque for prosthesis replacement surgery.
2.Powerful motors can provide the best speed and power.
3.Extended capacity battery ensure the implementation of efficient operation.
4.The main components are made of high-strength stainless steel.
5.Optional external power supply system.
7.Single and multi-function mode for selection.

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