HCCS Micro-Mini-Standard (Headless Cannulated Compression Screws)

The innovative design of the screws includes a taper, variable thread pitch, and fully threaded length to provide strong compression and holding power for fractures, osteotomies, and fusions. These self-drilling screws feature strong guide wires and hex drivers that are designed for optimum screw placement.

HCCS Micro: scaphoid fractures, phalangeal fractures, carpal fusions, MCP fusions, radial head fractures, chevron, Akin and Weil osteotomies and OCD repair.
HCCS Mini: scaphoid fractures and nonunions, carpal fusions, radial styloid fractures, MCP fusions, capitellum fractures, bunionectomies: proximal and distal, tarsal fractures,  5th metatarsal fractures, midfoot fusions, OCD repair, and osteotomies.
HCCS Standard: talus fractures, malleolar fractures, midfoot fusions, MTP fusions, and greater tuberosity fractures.
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